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Which breeder do I pick ?

So for the last year you’ve been checking out all the mini pig breeders from all over the country on the internet. You notice that all the websites are adorned with pictures of adorable little piggies for sale and you are wondering, “Hmm, which breeder do I pick?”  Good question. (Hopefully you picked us)First thing you should do is call, e-mail, or text the different breeders you are interested in.  Make sure they answer you back in an appropriate time frame (no longer than 24 hours); please understand there is plenty to keep a breeder busy during the day so allow a reasonable amount of time for them to answer you back.

Go visit the different breeders that live close by.

If the breeder is not located too far from your home ask if you can visit them.  Even if they are located a couple of hours away, understand this is a major investment, so plan a day with the family to check out the breeder and go have dinner somewhere .This way you can see mommy and daddy piggy firsthand. You will also get to see the conditions the piggies are raised in and live in. Are their living areas clean and neat? Is there adequate living space or are they crowded? Do they have adequate shelter from the elements? If for some reason the breeder won’t allow you to visit, you must ask yourself “why”?  Watcha hidin’ Mister?

You've been warned.

At Nenes Little Farm we welcome everyone to our farm. BUT I AM WARNING YOU, once you visit in person we got you. Those little piggies will melt your heart down to a little pulsating blob of mass. So… you’ve been warned.  NOW if the breeder you’ve chosen hasn’t called you back within 2 days it could mean one of two things: 1) the breeder doesn’t really care or 2) the breeder wiped out your number by clearing the call list on his/her phone too quickly and now deleted your number(guilty). Follow your gut feeling, did the breeder seem genuine or more like a used car salesman? If case number 2 is the reason for not contacting you back and you had a good repoire, may be follow up with a reminder phone call. So just think if a breeder doesn’t really care to call you back and talk to you about their little piggies before you even buy one, just think how it will be after the sale? I would bet once this type of breeder sold you a piggy then it would be have a nice life.

What's included in the price?

So now that you picked us as your breeder (of course), you may be wondering “so, what’s included in the price”? Boy you sure are chock full of good questions. Some breeders will quote you a lower price on the internet but when you call you then find out you have to add the rest of the services that add to the price such as shipping ,neuter-spay, health certificate for example. You then will notice that the price doubles or triples after adding everything to the price.

At Nenes Little Piglets our price includes EVERYTHING such as:



1.       NEUTER OR SPAY. Unless you are buying a piggy from us for breeding purposes the little rascal will be fixed. This way the piggy will be sweet and adorable due to the lack of hormones regulating their temperament and attitude.  A piggy that is not fixed will be more than a handful when the hormones surge and that’s  approximately every 21 days for a female and approximately 25 hours a day 8 days a week for a male. All potty box usage or back yard potty training goes right out the window. The non-fixed piggy will be a little monster with no manners, less love and a great BIG attitude. If a breeder sells you a mini pig and makes you sign a neuter/spay contract, please ask yourself why? If indeed your breeder has been in business for years and is reputable then they must have an awesome relationship with a local veterinarian that specializes in the caring of mini pigs. Then ask yourself “why the heck do I have to get the piggy fixed”. Well in our price everything is included in the price. A good breeder will already have everything done for you before you take delivery. We don’t want to chance anything; we want the transition to your home to be as smooth as 9 Hershey kisses on satin sheets. We want everything to be done without any inconvenience to our extended families.

Health Certificate

         HEALTH CERTIFICATE.  All our piggies will arrive to you with a health certificate. This certificate is your guarantee that the little rascal will be as healthy as an African Rhino. This means that the little piggy has been checked from head to tail by a very experienced micro- miniature pig veterinarian. The little piggy will be tattooed (it is actually a tattoo that is placed in the piggy’s ear showing what state in originated from which starts out as green ink and then fades in time). General blood work will also be done making sure that piggy is free of the common swine diseases.  This health certificate is our peace of mind as well as yours, we know that we are shipping you a healthy little rascal and you know you are getting a healthy little piggy.


         SHIPPING/FLIGHT   We use a variety of different airlines to ship piggy to your home. We ask for 2 different airports because sometimes your first choice might be closer to your home but it may be a small town and a major airline might not stop there. Unfortunately sometimes you may have to travel a couple of hours to your closest major city to get to a bigger airport. We now offer delivery to your door (piggy will be driven to your home) but will be at an extra cost.

Flight Carrier Case

CARRY CASE   Your little porcupine will be shipped in a carrying case that has to be bolted at the corners and cable tied on both ends of the door. This way piggy will not get out of its cage during the flight.  Some people have asked me if the piggy will be shipped next to the luggage. No, piggy is in a separate compartment which is heated/cooled and pressurized just like it is in the passenger portion of the plane. Animals are last to board on a plane and first to be taken off the airplane.  Once you have that adorable piggy at your home, you can take the door off and put in a blanket and he/she can use it as their little bedtime spot.

A Lifetime Of Free Advice.

LIFETIME OF ADVICE   And of course a lifetime of free advice on any question you may have. Heck we will even answer any non-piggy questions you may have; like what should I make for dinner or what should I get my wife for our anniversary. That’s only if you buy a piggy from us.


So at Nenes little piglets you don’t have to ask “What’s included in the price”, because rest assured everything is.

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