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What will I need to get for Piggy's arrival?

The most important question I get when someone buys a piggy is, "what will I need to get before piggy comes home".

1. Play pen.

2. A nice, cozy blanket for piggy to snuggle in.

3. Plastic potty box.

4. Pine pellets for the potty box. Never cat litter.

5. Mazuri Active Adult Mini Pig Food.

6. Two bowls, one for piggy to drink from and one to eat from.

7. Ivermectin Paste (apple flavored).

8. Miscellaneous cut up salad vegetables for snacks. NO TOMATOES

9. Lots of love.

Here is a picture of a playpen (aerial view) set up with a potty box. At first it is a good idea to confine their space so they get comfortable with their new surroundings and to reinforce their potty box usage. Also some people use a playpen to put piggy down at night or while running errands.

Here is a picture of the pine pellets you will use in their potty box. Remember never use cat litter because that can kill them. Also never use corn cobb based pellets because they will eat them all up. Sorry about my husband's big feet. We get this brand from our local Tractor Supply Company. For more information go to :

Most important, their food. Pick the one that states Active Adult. You can also get this at your nearest Tractor Supply Company or local feed store. For more information go to: 
 Dogs get fleas, pigs don't but they get mites. This is what you will need to give them every 2-3 months. Make sure you break the amount down for their weight. For more information go to:

Don't forget, we are only a phone call away for a life time of advice.

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