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Here are some wonderful videos from our extended families from all across the country. 

Here is a video of Pigglesworth II(aka Piggles) searching for a little something to eat. This is also a testament showing you how smart pigs really are.

Hi Jeanie,

Kaya will be 1 on August 16th. At her last vet visit 2 months ago for a sprained ankle, she was 5lbs and 1 ounce. She likes to run down her stairs and often tries to skip the bottom step by just jumping. She learned her lesson that hard wood floors are not so forgiving and now she is much more careful when navigating her stairs. While she recovered we put couch cushions and rugs all over the floor since she was still trying to be a kamikaze pig at times. Everything healed great and she is back to running all over the house. Lesson learned.

We haven't had to starve her to keep her small we feed her according to what you recommend and let her grow however she is intended to grow. She eats all good healthy fruits and veggies (mostly veggies) and her Mazuri feed. The vet says she is very healthy. However, we were not able to find someone to do her hooves. The vet will do them but he suggested we try at home first since it puts a lot of stress on them. She doesn't mind the belly rub and dremel method. It doesn't happen all in one day and I am still working on trimming back the front dew claws and hooves. I looked everywhere on the web for instructions and how they should look. I think I found the information I need but I think it would be helpful if you had a section on how to trim hooves and dew claws. I like to check and recheck how to do it so I make sure I am doing it right. I think having the information from a trusted person who cares about my pig would make me less nervous and more confident that I am doing the right thing for my baby.

Also, as you know we were worried about getting a baby that was almost 6 months old. We were afraid that she wouldn't bond or trust us like a younger piglet would. However, just like you said she would, she did. She is just great and we love her so much. I was impressed that when I told you what temperament I was looking for in a pig you helped me to chose the perfect baby piggle. The whole family, with exception of the cats are just over the moon in love with her. The cats could take her or leave her, you know how snooty cats can be. 

She has two playpens a large on for home and a small one for travel. The small one is usually for gramma's house, which she loves because great granny makes the best fruit and veggie salads for her. Daddy bought her a Batman piggle (diaper) bag for going travelling. She also has many blankets, one for the couch, one for the play pen, one for travel, and one for the bed. If she isn't sleeping under her blanket she sleeps in a cat bed that looks like a coral and loves it. 

Well I will not keep you much longer I know you have tons of things to do. I have attached a video that you may use however you wish. It is 30 seconds long and shows one of Kaya's favorite things to do. Hope all is well with you and your family. Their video is below.
Here is a video of Twilight swimming in her pool.


Belly Rub 101. This is an educational video on how to give a miniature pig a belly rub. Watch closely and learn.


This is our (actually Luke's, but we always consider them ours)little California babe out for a walk. Thank you Luke for this awesome video, love the song.

Actual miniature piggy language discovered. Not really, just my goofy husband giving Pearl our pet piggy some love. Just listen how he talks to her.

Another happy family.

The dancing piggy.

Play ball!

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