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Venturing Piggy Outdoors

So the weather is finally warming up, and piggy has been itching to go outside. Sounds awesome with lots of fresh air and green grass to eat, what a great piggy life. Not so fast, it may sound great at first but let’s go over a few dangers first. Boy, now I got you thinking, “my boys have been playing in that yard their whole life, nothing dangerous in my back yard” Yes you are right, sort of.


The grass is beautiful and green just begging a piggy to eat it. Did you fertilize it lately? Did you apply bug killer lately? How about weed killer? Well there are a lot of different chemicals that are applied to lawns every day. Some help your grass grow; some help keep the weeds down so your lawn stays beautiful and lush. You get the point; there are a lot of dangerous chemicals your piggy can get into just by walking on the grass. Remember just because your lawn chemicals are easily available at a variety of different stores it doesn’t mean they are as safe as powdered sugar. Please keep your piggy off of the lawn until it is safe to walk on it, go by the directions on the bag on how long you should stay off the lawn. Also read the directions on the bag when it is safe for animals to graze on the grass once chemicals have been applied.  Please be careful, these chemicals can cause severe illness and because of their small size can easily cause death.


Does part of your lawn stay in the shade all day long? You know the area, the one under that old oak tree your kids used to climb on when they were younger. Or maybe there is shade all day long by the shed, you know that spot that never seems to dry because of the poor drainage. Well, well, well, what grows in dark, damp conditions? If you guessed mushrooms, BINGO.  


Some mushrooms produce toxins, or poisons, which can make humans and animals sick. One mushroom can produce more than one type of toxin. Chemical sprays can contaminate wild mushrooms that may also make you sick, even if the mushroom was safe to eat to begin with. Are you a mushroomologist?  (sorry this is a new word I just invented)Neither am I; can you tell me which mushrooms are perfectly edible? Most importantly can you distinguish the safe ones from the highly poisonous ones? Did you know the highly dangerous mushrooms grow right next to the edible ones? Did you know certain species of mushrooms look identical, making it impossible to distinguish between what is safe and what is deadly. Is Mr. Piggy a mushroomologist? Then please always be on the lookout for different mushrooms growing in your yard. The wrong mushroom can serious hurt or kill your piggy.


There is nothing wrong with just letting Piggy run around in the back yard for a little bit while I prepare supper; is there? No, Not, Never! Is your back yard fenced in? Always be present with piggy when outside. Any animal can enter your yard and hurt or kill piggy. Cats and dogs aren’t always the sweetest animals. Another thing to be extremely careful with are birds of prey. Our miniature piggies are the perfect size to be swept away. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!


Never leave any chemicals lying around in an open container especially antifreeze. There are different types of antifreeze and some still taste sweet and inviting. INSTANT DEATH usually from kidney failure.


So see everything looks safe in our eyes but please look through the eyes of your piggy. Even the safest of things that are safe to us just might kill a little piggy.


Inside the house be careful with your medications, rat traps, ant traps, roach poison and cleaning chemicals. One little pill that falls on the floor could spell death for your piggy.

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