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Here are somemore pictures of Pigglesworth II. This one Donna labeled "pig in a blanket."

Donna labeled this one "fine dining"

Here is a testimonial from Donna.

"I am a delighted owner of one of Nene's Little Piglets. There are so many reasons why I'm delighted that I don't know where to start.  I guess the obvious.  Mr Pigglesworth II (Piggles) is absolutely adorable.  He is now thirteen months old and weighs somewhere around 9 lbs.  He's perfectly pink and precious.  Every time I look at his adorable snout I just melt. He is also smart.  I have owned several dogs, a couple of cats, a few birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and fish.  Piggles was by far the easiest of my beloved pets to train.  We live in a frigid climate so he has to be an indoor piggie.  That means litter box.  He was quicker to train than a cat and it is easier to confine them while they train.  I replaced my carpeting about a year and a half ago and am proud to say that there isn't a potty stain at all. Never once an accident on my carpet.  Piggles has full roam of the house and always returns to his litter box to do his "business". It's very cute when he follows me around.  Laundry room to bedroom to kitchen to family room and, yes, he follows me to the bathroom. He has learned to come when I call him and we're "playing" with chase the ball.  He has learned to sit at the breakfast counter to eat but it's not  his favorite thing to do. I'm looking forward to this summer when we can be outside and learn and play some more.  I have no doubt he will learn whatever I take the time to teach him.  He is also friendly to other people - particularly children.  He needs to be introduced gently but then is just fine.  My son is a part time gymnastics coach and brings Piggles often to see his students.  They love him and he loves them back.  Most of all, you will never have a pet that is as affectionate and cuddly. He is more than happy to be held and have the soft spot above his snout rubbed or his ears tickled or his feet rubbed or his back scratched, etc.  And his soft grunty purrs and chirps of pleasure warm my heart. He will only quit cuddling when he has to go potty and he lets me know with squirms and squeals. But, a piggie isn't for everyone.  He is not the type of animal to be taken out of his kennel or pen for an hour or so each day.  From my experience they crave attention so if you don't have time to snuggle and play, a piggie is not for you. If you do decide to buy a piggie, I have to recommend Jeannie and her piglets. I looked at different breeders and found her to be the best.  She does not make promises she can't keep - she won't guarantee your piglet will stay at 6 lbs.  They don't.  Some breeders will try to make size promises.  There is no way anybody can predict that.  If a breeder makes a size guarantee stay away from the breeder. They can guess but they can't promise. Jeannie's web site explains that. Stay away from a breeder that does not insist on spaying/neutering and that does not take care of initial medical costs including a good health report. You will get this from Jeannie.  You will also get from her unending support. I'll bet I've e-mailed Jeannie at least every other week since I got Piggles.  I had lots of questions about training, bathing, different foods, and different litter.  She answered them all.  Make sure the breeder offers support. If after reading this, you still think you might want a piggie, check out Mr. Pigglesworth II on her website.  You will be sold.  He is PPP. Perfectly Pink Precious. If you have questions, Jeannie can give you my phone number or e-mail. I hope somebody out there gives another piggie a great home.

Here is a picture of HoneyBooBoo at her new home in Sarasota, Florida. Boy, Nathan is a lucky son of a gun

Another picture of HoneyBooBoo, what an adorable face.


Sorry, I somehow overlooked this picture. This is back on Halloween 2013

Here is another picture of our Piggy Bee


Cutie Pie

Christmas Picture

New Home in Florida

Here is a picture of Pigglesworth II

Our piggy at their new home.

An e-mail from Cindy.

I bought my first piggy from Jeanie in mid November. She is such a little princess. I must say I knew nothing about taking care of a little animal like this but Jeanie walked me through every detail of what to do. She has been so helpful. I recently sent her a picture of her as I often do. After all she is my little angel's first people mommy. Anyway she alerted me that my princess has ear mites. I was so upset thinking something terribly bad was wrong with her. Jeanie assured me she would be fine. Also she told me what to do and how to care for her and she was an orangish color cause of the ear mites but after what Jeanie has told me what to do she is getting back to the beautiful colors she was when I got her. I truly thank Jeanie and all her help. If you are looking to buy a piggy I strongly suggest you get one from her. You may find some cheaper prices out there but I'm telling you from experience Jeanie is a caring loving breeder of these piggies. You get great quality and help from her. Twilight has changed my life so much. I will warn you if you purchase one of these little animals be prepared to be very very loved and needed by them. Also they are pretty much maintenance free. Thank you Jeanie for my little princess. You are a great person and a wonderful breeder of these amazing animals.

This is our little Diva at her new home In Florida all dressed up.  Diva's new mommy e-mailed us

"She's doing very well and  knows she's a little princess though lol. She has

such a prissy attitude, she's not a normal pig and she loves going shopping

with Mommy and socializing with everyone."

Here is a follow up from Cindy

Hi Jeannie it's me Cindy. Twilight and Twinkies mommy. Just wanted to update everyone on my two angels I got from you. They are my babies. Very spoiled but very fun. I recently broke my leg in a car accident. They are with me all the time now since I am not able to do much. I never had a pet so attached to me as my pigs. Twilight my female is a little ornery and gets into whatever she can but still wants to be with mom when she is done being nosey. Twinkie my male on the other hand is such a mommy's boy he always is by me wanting held and loved on.  Twilight turned 1 on Thursday and weighs six big whooping pounds.  Twilight was a year in June and weighs a whole 3 1/2 pounds. I listen to what you tell me to feed them and they are doing good. Very smart animals. Twinkie just started giving me kisses and play biting me. Not hard and then he gives me piggy kisses. He is so mellow and a all around sweet piggy. Jeannie has helped me so much on learning what there is to know about these amazing animals. If anyone is looking to buy a pig. I suggest you talk to Jeannie. She always answers any questions I ask. She also enjoys seeing pictures or hearing how her babies are doing. Most breeders just forget about them when they leave. Not her she loves her pigs.  What a wonderful person she is.  Thank you Jeannie for introducing me to my babies. I just love them.

Here is a picture of TwilightSmile with her new family in Pennsylvania, here is what Cindy wrote:

Jeanie thank you so much for the picture you posted of Twilight. She has been such a blessing to us we just love her. You are such a special person. You answered all of my questions whether they was silly or not. You have kept me very informed about how to take care of my little bundle. She has pretty much taken over the whole house. I think she has declared me her new mommy. She has won all our hearts and my dogs are so good with her I am so blessed to have such good dogs. We are all one big thankful happy family and she sure has become part of it. Wishing you and your family all the happiness and safety during the holidays and every day. God Bless


Pee Wee with his new family in Florida.

Pinky Dinky(aka Peanut) with her new family in Washington State.

Our piggy at their new home in the Great White North, Canada

Carrie from Ohio says


I just wanted to thank you for my little Hercules.  He melts my heart daily.  His coat is amazing soft and shines like a pearl.  As I write this he is sleeping on my belly..such a doll.

You are a wonderful breeder and person.  You texted me weekly, returned calls promptly, and sent me all the pictures I asked for.  Most breeders do not do that and it is frustrating.  You made buying my little man fun!

Thanks again,

Carrie T. From Ohio

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Donielle-Biloxi, Mississippi

Fell asleep and woke up at 1:30am and realized I fell asleep with her in my arms. We got up she got a drink, went pee and went right back to sleep. So well trained.

Erin- Ontario California

Lily is great! I've trained her to potty outside instead of in a box. She is such a joy.

Roxanne- Belchertown Massachusetts

How are you? Just wanted to send a quick note about Marty and his sister - Emma. They are both doing great! Marty visits his sister a couple a times a week for the day when I am at the barn there. He is a "brute" He has grown into a little "beast" I call him. When he wants something - he wants it. Compared to his sister - who is so "petit" - they do play well together. Melissa and I are going to get some pictures and send to you of both of them - problem is neither one of us is too good with the computers! But - both are great and being loved!!!

A happy family from Washington State


Just wanted to day thanks again for our amazing little Pieper. We've taken her camping, on walks and even car rides and she is simply precious. (She’s such a trooper)We have two dogs and two small children and she does well with both - although she took over the dogs bed��. We can't thank you enough for being so great- from answering all our questions to raising such an amazing little pig and treating your pigs so well. We’d recommend your little pigs to anyone!!!! Thanks again / the Orford family in Washington State


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Donna sent us an e-mail from Fargo, North Dakota 

Mr. Pigglesworth is doing awesome.  Zero accidents even though he frequently escapes from his piggy pen at night. I still can't believe how social he is.  He likes everybody.  I've had many dogs and a cat and Piggles has been far easier to train and socialize than any of them.  Still haven't given  him the bath.  We're waiting until this weekend when there will be three of us.  We're going to wear swim suits because we have no idea how he'll react  If we can get a pic, we'll send one for the website.  If ever you have a potential buyer wondering about a piggy as a pet, have them call me.  I have not a single bad thing to say. Thanks so much for all of you help and, mostly, thanks for Piggles.                                                                       


Just an update on Piggles.  Still a few accidents but not many.  Mostly when he's roaming and I'm not paying attention. His potty training is much easier than any dog or cat I've ever loved.   He is most remarkable. He is the most sociable pet I've ever had.  Everybody loves him and he loves everybody.  He loves to be tucked inside my shirt and toted around.  We haven't had many nice days here but, when we have, he loves the outside.  He's not so fond of the leash yet but we're working on that. He is so precious.  I haven't heard from Kathleen but if there is anybody wondering about having a Mr.  Pigglesworth  in their family, please refer them to me.  He is just too precious.  He doesn't stink, he doesn't shed, he’s smart and he's playful, and most of all cuddly. I just love him to death and I think he loves us back.  Actually, I know he does.  He follows me all around and seldom even squeals when I pick him up from behind.  He lets me roll him on his back and rub his belly. Dogs don't do that easily. He lets me clean his ears and eyes and butt without objection. He is a practically perfect piggie.  We are now going to work on the leash a little more.  Lots of Cheerio’s treats in hand.  Thank you for such a giving us such a treasure.



Here is another note from a very happy customer.


Hi there!

 I'm sure you sell lots of little piggies so it must be hard to keep everyone straight.  Back about 5 months ago my boyfriend and I bought a little black male from you that we named Boscoe.  Just wanted to give some positive feedback.  First off, he is perfect.  His personality, his intelligence, everything!  On top of all that, we are more than pleased with how honest you were about him and his breed.  After doing lots of research and speaking to other mini pig owners and vets we found it is very, VERY common for buyers to be misled about what they are in for.  The most common thing we hear is how mini pigs never stay mini - but Boscoe is exactly what you promised us (size wise and all around).

So, we wanted to let you know he is happy and we both thank you for your honesty and will return to you when we decide to get another little one and recommend you to anyone interested in a piggy of their own. 

If you have a place where people write reviews or if you collect letters of reference then please let us know and we would love to share our wonderful experience with others!

 Take care,



Here is a picture of Boscoe, what an adorable little piggy.

An update from a happy family

Update on Twilight and her ear mites. Once again Jeanie came to my rescue and texted a picture of my little angel to her vet. In no time she was on the phone with me telling me what I had to do for my baby pig. It has been a long progress but she stuck by me and I think we may have it under control (fingers crossed). She was having crisis of her own but she was always willing to answer my questions. She also assured me when I was really worried that my piggy would be fine. Such a loving person of all living beings. I don't know what I would do without her. I just wish I lived closer to her. I am hopeful that after her antibiotics run their course that she stays well. I had to get rid of my two parrots I had cause I know they carry mites and did not want to take any chances. Also I have had bad allergy reactions to them lately.  Hardest thing I had to do but best for both of us. I have sent a picture sling of my sweet piggy. Thank you so much once again Jeanie you are a wonderful piggy lady :) from me and Twilight Smile



Here are some pictures of Piper and some kind words from Kristee of Washington state.

She is pretty special think we already love her- never had an accident in the house from the  moment we got her, loves the car , we let her roam the backyard and she comes to her name , sleeps in her crate at night, my husband already built her steps to get on the couch - which she uses, vet check went great- can’t thank you enough for her!!


Talk about spoiled, Piper's daddy built her some steps so she can get on the couch with no problems.

Here's another picture of Piper relaxing with mommy.

"Do your piggies get along with other animals"?


Our piggy at her new home in California. Napping with mommy. See her video on our video page. California Babe.

Another picture of our California Babe. See her smiling.

A happy family from Washington State


Just wanted to day thanks again for our amazing little Pieper. We've taken her camping, on walks and even car rides and she is simply precious. (She’s such a trooper)We have two dogs and two small children and she does well with both - although she took over the dogs bed��. We can't thank you enough for being so great- from answering all our questions to raising such an amazing little pig and treating your pigs so well. We’d recommend your little pigs to anyone!!!! Thanks again / the Orford family in Washington State


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More pictures of our happy customers. AKA extended family. What a well mannered little piggy, just sticking its tongue out for the world to see.

More pictures of our happy customers. AKA extended family.

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