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A must read before buying an adorable little piggy

You will notice there is some information on my website that I repeat. Why you ask? Because it is important; so I will go over a few things on this page that I deem very important. Ready!

A lifetime commitment

1. Purchasing a miniature pig is a commitment, not something to give to your daughter, son, wife etc. for Christmas to be a WOW factor. Understand the little rascal will live for 12 to possibly 20 years. This will be two decades worth of commitment.

Is it legal ?

2. Please make sure that you are zoned for a miniature pig. Yes the teacup pigs stay small and inside your home but that does not mean you are allowed to have one. Please before any type of heartache occurs make sure it is legal to own a mini pig where you live. I am talking about make sure it is legal in your county, city, township, subdivision and your landlord will allow one. I don't want you to buy one and then 2 months later you get a notice stating it must be removed. PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS LEGAL TO OWN A MINIATURE PIG WHERE YOU LIVE!!!

You need a good veterinarian

3. Before purchasing one of these adorable, little creatures; please make sure you have secured the location of a good veterinarian. Understand that most veterinarian's specialize in dogs and cats. Not all of them take care of miniature pigs. So please familiarize yourself with a good veterinarian that commonly takes care of mini pigs. Check for one in the country part of your town, normally where you start seeing all the horses, cows and goats roaming on acres of land. Another good avenue is to check with one of your local feed supply stores. The folks and customers there have years of experience and usually love sharing all the information that they have learned usually first hand. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS BEFORE NEEDING THE SERVICES OF A VETERINARIAN.

Diet, diet, diet

4. Please make sure you are 100% committed in adhering to the miniature pig's diet. Feed the little rascal 1-2 % of its body weight in mini pig food daily,(such as Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult) supplemented with plenty of free, salad vegetables daily. Nothing else but water.

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