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Potty Training

Another question we get a lot here at Nene’s Little Piglets is “are piggies easy to potty train”? One thing we pride ourselves on at Nene’s Little Piglets is giving the public an honest, solid, concrete, direct answer. So are piggies easy to potty train? The answer without a doubt is yes, no, maybe and sometimes. That’s one thing you can count on with us is a black and white answer (hahaha). 



We have some piggies that the minute they come out of mommy or should I say the minute we take them away from mommy they use the potty box. They instinctively know to potty in that box in the corner without fail.


Pigs whether large or miniature are very clean animals. First of all they have no sweat glands so they don’t sweat. If they don’t sweat they don’t get stinky. The other thing people aren’t aware of is that pigs normally use the bathroom in the same spot. They do not poop or pee near where they sleep. This is evident when a piggy is housed in a pen; they claim one side as their resting area then go to the opposite side of the pen to poop and pee.



The best way to potty train a piggy is to, at first, keep their living/roaming area small. The best way to accomplish this is to put them in a child’s play pen, not only for potty training purposes but this is also a great place for piggy to get familiar with their new surroundings and family. A play pen is just big enough to put in a potty box filled with pine nuggets, water bowl and feed bowl (when it’s time) on one side. Then on the other side of the play pen you put down their little pillow and blanket. If the area is too small a piggy will pick the box to do their business in. 



After several days in the playpen and piggy has gotten use to its potty box and new family, and of course you’ve been picking him or her up several times a day to bond; you may now slowly increase the roaming area. Maybe baby gate the second bathroom off or the kitchen area, I picked these two rooms because they are normally tiled rooms in case piggy has an accident. The whole idea behind this training method is that you slowly over the course of several days increase their roaming area. Once they have a firm grasp as to where they go poopy, you increase their roaming size slowly this way they constantly go back to their potty box and reaffirm where it is. 



Never place their potty box too close to where they sleep (unless it is in a playpen) If you do you chance them using the bathroom further away from their bed possibly not in their box. If they do happen to have an accident, clean up that area IMMEDIATELY.


After the course of a few weeks piggy will use that box without fail. What would be easier is to buy a piggy from us and we can walk you through the whole process (a little sales pitch). 

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