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Feed them what they need. No more, no less.

So your little baby comes in to the world so precious and tiny. The nurses and doctors at the hospital give you tons of advice on how to care for the little human and tell you exactly how much and how often to feed the little monster.  Now as the little human gets to bigger and older, are you supposed to feed him or her more food? When you puppy grows bigger do you have to feed him more? How about your cow, goat, cat, rabbit, hamster or any pet you have ever owned from child to adulthood? So you agree that as your pet gets bigger you would need to feed him more right? Ok so you understand where I am coming from so far.



I’ve had a few people contact me stating piggy is acting out of the ordinary. The biggest culprit was piggy roaming the house at night when everyone was sleeping. They said like he acted as if he lost something. So I went through the gamut of questions. Has the family changed their schedule? Sometimes the human he bonded the most with now works nights and piggy misses the cuddling. Is there a change in the pet population? Did you get a new pet?  Are you feeding him anything different? Has his schedule changed drastically? Have you been playing with him at night later than usual? Does he go to a specific area of the house? Is he pooping and peeing approximately the same amount before he started roaming? While I go through all of my normal detective questions, I ask them to text me a picture of their little precious. Sometimes a picture of Mr. Piggy tells a different story. Holy mackerel!!! Can you say flounder pig!!! When I saw the picture I froze. I thought to myself did I say anything to misinform these wonderful folks? I couldn’t have, I have 3 different pages on my website dedicated specifically to a mini pig’s diet. Heck the directions are right on the bag of feed. Everyone is as nosey as I am when it comes to something new and reads everything.  Right???



When I tell you how much to feed your little piggy when you first get him from me please understand that is how much you feed him at that current time in his growing life. You should weigh him every 1-2 months to see if he gained any weight, if so up his food according to the directions printed on the bag of Mazuri food. I do mean if he gained any weight because he grew bigger, not because you’ve been feeding him everything under the sun and he has gotten fatter. Which if the latter is true shame on you. I can only tell you how much to feed the little guy, if you elect not to follow my directions (which come directly from Mazuri) there is nothing I can do to help you. Please don’t send me a picture of you precious piggy eating an apple and a banana and at the same time complain to me that he is overweight when my website states to keep fruit to a minimum.3



I just wanted to clarify this information. I have had a couple of people send me pictures of their piggy that were on the skinny side and I find out they haven’t upped his feed since they got him. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS PRINTED ON THE BAG OF MAZURI. The amount of food piggy receives is in direct proportion to how much he weighs. As piggy grows bigger the amount of food needs to increase. I don’t ever want you to over feed your pet piggy BUT at the same time I never want you to under feed the little guy either.


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