micro pig

Piggy Information

Piggy Information

Which micro miniature piglet should I get, male or female?

That’s a good question. Both are adorable but there are some differences. First and foremost precious needs to be spayed/neutered unless you are breeding them; PERIOD end of story. Once a female goes into “heat” all she cares about is mating. Literally becomes psychotic looking for a mate. Males, well they are males. Once they sense a female in estrus they will become more aggressive and will do anything he can to be with a female in estrus. You didn’t think a mini pig could climb hmm…So you say your miniature pig is potty box trained? Once in heat all potty box usage goes out the window. That adorable little creature will use the bathroom anywhere they care to. If you want to keep that adorable little miniature pig sweet, lovable and continue having that wonderful bond between you and that precious little animal make sure you have it spayed or neutered. Trust me. Once “fixed” males are sweet and laid back, females are sweet but are just a hair more active and nosy.

Little Piggy Care

Now that you have this little darling creature in front of you, you might ask “How do I care for my little teacup pig“?

The very first thing you MUST, yes sorry I said MUST, do even before bringing a miniature pig home is find a local veterinarian that does take care of pigs. Most of you that live in the country will have no problem with this, those of you that live closer to the city will because most vets in the city specialize in dogs and cats. Please find a vet that does take care of miniature pigs. This is the most important thing you need to do before purchasing a little rascal.



Once that darling little creature arrives to your loving home full of food, treats(such as cut up vegetables), toys and its own little pillow. The first thing you want to do is pick it up and hold it and share it with everyone around you right. WRONG!!! Just think if you were yanked from all of your brothers, sisters and the humans that loved you and fed you. Then placed in a pet carrier and flown for several hours to your new home? How would you feel being in a completely different surrounding with strange people and animals? We strongly encourage a 2-3 day introduction period. We also encourage the use of a playpen. One side of the playpen will house the food, water and a potty box until he or she feels comfortable, then slowly introduce him or her to its new family and friends. You don’t want to stress that sweet little animal and you will if you “pass it around” to every person that wants to hold her. Please give that tiny pig some time to adjust to its new surrounding, 3 days is nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness.


We bathe our mini pigs approximately once a month using a puppy shampoo and conditioner. It also depends if you keep your little darling either indoors or outdoors. Pigs whether full barn yard size or miniature do not sweat; so they never smell. Never bathe your piggy more than once a month or their skin will become too dry. We use baby wipes between baths to keep them clean and fresh smelling. For their skin we use coconut oil to keep their skin moist.

Hoove Care

Hoove care is a lot easier than most people think. Once you establish that special bond with your little piggy, at that early age, he or she will just about let you do anything you want with them. Start at an early age using an emery board or sand paper to gently rub off excess hoof material. This will keep them nice and trim. If not you will need the services of a professional to trim them for you.


Always apply sun screen on your tea cup pig. We use one that blocks out 90 % of the sun’s harmful rays. Don’t forget in the winter as well, the cool weather will make your piggy stay out longer in the sun causing sunburn and a grumpy little piggy.

What do I use in my little piggy’s potty box?

Never ever use cat litter in your pal’s potty box. They will possibly eat it and you know what happens when clay hits moisture? That’s right it clumps and you don’t want it to clump in your baby’s little tummy do you? Seriously never use cat litter because it will cause serious illness and possibly KILL your new friend. Also don’t use corn cob pellets, your miniature piglet will eat it none stop and will soon resemble a big piggy. We use horse bedding which are pine pellets for the bottom of their potty box. It is piggy safe!

Why does my little piggy squeal when I pick it up?

Unfortunately pigs are in the prey category, and most pigs have their eyes positioned looking downward. When you pick up your little friend it will squeal like you are trying to kill him or her. It is because the prey instinct kicks in thinking it is being attacked from above. Don’t worry, just keep picking up precious and show it love and eventually it will grow to love you and not be so nervous. Always support your little friend and make sure you have their hind legs supported as well to make it feel safe from falling.

Will my piggy be safe with Fido?

Remember pigs fall under the prey category and dogs fall under the predator category. Never ever leave piggy with your dog unless you are absolutely positive that Fido won’t hurt your new little friend. Just because Fido never hurt anyone in the past, you might not know how your dog will react to a little micro piglet running around. Better to be safe than sorry, let the introduction be slow. Put piggy in a cage near the dog so it can get use to its smell and actions for a couple of days before a nose to nose chaperoned introduction. For a more in depth look at the relationship between dogs and miniature pigs please go to my web page titled A pig and your dog. Just click the link below.


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