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Outdoor Potty Training

So Hammy has it down to a science, he uses his potty box 103% of the time. Now you are wondering, hmmm… I wonder if I can get Hammy to potty outside instead of in his box. Yes you sure can hmmm… I wonder how I would go about training him. Now let me warn you a little, once you start training piggy to go outside to potty that will be their preference. I am not saying they won’t go both inside in their potty box and outside but for the most part once they start going outside that is what they will prefer.  


You think about it, would you rather go potty indoors looking at the ceiling or would you rather go outside where you can hear the birds singing, feel the wind rushing through your hair or maybe feel the first nip of autumn approaching. Then if you are lucky you can bury your snout in the dirt and root around a little once you get your business done. Well it is the same with us humans; once we experience the great outdoors as youngsters we can stay indoors only so long before cabin fever sets in. 


So once you've made the big decision to venture piggy outdoors to do his duties, start out by putting the potty box closer and closer to the sliding glass door/back door. Next put a bell (yes a ding-a-ling) about a foot off the floor. If you have the time every time you see piggy going potty, start off by ringing the bell.


Then after a week, start taking piggy outdoors on a schedule. My favorite time span is every 2-3 hours to start.  Without fail start taking piggy out every 2-3 hours. When you get to the back door make sure you ring the bell. Then after 3-7 days, depending how well piggy catches on, start increasing the time to every 3-4 hours and don’t forget to ring the bell.  Once another 3-7 days have passed increase the time again waiting 4-5 hours and ring the bell. By now I think you are getting the idea just don’t forget to ring the bell. You can give piggy a cheerio or two once you see him doing his business as a way for showing him positive re-enforcement; or just praise him and show him love. Make sure you ring the bell. 


In time piggy will associate the bell ringing with going potty outdoors and in no time at all he will ring it when he needs to.  How do I know? Because pigs are the fourth most intelligent animal on the planet.

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