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Indoors or Outdoors?

Another good question I get asked several times a month is “Can my piggy live outdoors”?



Well here is how I am going to answer this; during my lifetime I have realized there are two types of animal lovers; the first type (type I) will let their pets be at the dinner table, on their chair while watching TV, in their car while shopping, or in bed with them while sleeping.


Then there is the second type (type II), they still love their animals but they are not allowed on the dinner table, furniture or in their beds. At night piggy knows it is time to go in their crate for quiet time. Nothing wrong with either type of animal lover, some love to integrate their pets into every facet of their human lives and some love their pets to death but rather have them sleep in their own space.



99.9 percent of our extended families fall into the type I category of pet lovers. They want piggy in the comfort of their home, enjoying the air conditioner in the summer and the heat in the winter. But over the years I did have a few inquiries if it was possible for piggy to live outdoors. The answer is yes it is possible.


If you choose to have an outdoor piggy you must make sure his home is sturdy, safe and weatherproof. When I say sturdy I mean strong preferably a good wooden pen with the main posts being concreted into the grown. A solid roof either metal panels that overlap each other or a wooden roof with shingles.


So make sure piggy is protected from the sun, wind, cold and rain. Besides a good roof make sure the pen is critter proof, meaning make sure piggy can’t escape but also make sure nothing else can enter and hurt piggy.



We have box type homes built in the corner of each of their pens with a hole on type to drop a heat lamp from the top. The entrance to the home is just big enough for piggies to get in but not too much wind to enter. So our piggies have 2 shelters, a small one inside a bigger one. With the heat lamp it stays right at 70-75 degrees on a very cold night. The next picture will explain it all.


You must make sure piggy does not get wet, cold, sun burned and is safe from all other animals. Make sure his pen is safe all the way up to the top, almost like building a big cage. We also build wooden platforms for them to lie on in the summer.


A small children’s plastic pool would also be nice for the summer heat. Instead of using a bowl for water drinking, set up a hose or pvc pipe with an automatic water valve (nipple) at the end. This way there will be an unlimited supply of clean, fresh water.


So piggy can live a happy life outside, just make sure you let them out to play with you everyday.

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