Teacup Pigs for Sale


You like that title? I thought it was a good one. The reason for the title has to do with what people have been asking me for lately. No they haven’t been asking me for Guinea pigs but the size they reference is closer to a Guinea pig than it is a miniature pig. Let me get something straight here, (sounds kind of authoritative doesn’t it). A normal, happy and healthy pig is what we strive for, period end of story. In order for all three to coincide, a happy weight needs to be attained and held. With that said, just remember you are not buying a teacup Chihuahua or a toy 4 pound Yorkie. You are buying a miniature pig. They are also called teacup pigs because when they are born they do fit in a teacup. So with that said, the expected weight of a miniature pig at maturity is 35-55 pounds. That is IF…IF…IF the human counterpart follows the pig’s proper diet to the T. No excessive snacking, no allowed grazing on excessive amounts of agricultural crops or plants such as corn. Feed piggy the proper amount of Mazuri mini pig food divided into 2 meals with some salad vegetables and minimal to no fruit. Period. If you feed piggy, that has an ever ending appetite, anything his or her heart desires; then please do not call me to tell me how fat your pig is. Pig’s never stop when it comes to food, if you keep handing them treats every day, they will expect it. Trust me they will become evil little monsters that will constantly beg you for food. So making sure to follow their proper diet goes a long way to keeping them at their proper weight and size.

Now let’s talk about their size. At maturity they will attain a height of a medium sized dog on the small size. Similar to the size of a Cocker Spaniel to a about a Collie. This is where I coined the phrase a medium sized dog on the small size.

So to recap did you want a Guinea pig or a miniature pig. A mini pig is a beautifully intelligent animal and although small in comparison to its cousins that are raised for consumption still larger than a Guinea pig.

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