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What do micro miniature pigs eat?

Have you ever heard the expression " Boy he eats like a pig"? Have you ever wondered how they came up with that expression? A regular barn yard pig can grow up to 500 plus pounds depending on the breed. Even though our teacup pigs are small in comparison they still have the same basic metabolism as their larger cousin. Pigs if allowed will eat like a pig, that's why nutrition is very important to your miniature pig. We feed our micro piglets Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Formula when weaned from mommy and when they get old enough we switch them to Mini Pig Active Adult. We normally switch them at 8 weeks so there are no digestive problems when they arrive to your home. Mini Pig Active Adult is a moderate energy, high fiber food that will help keep your little piggy full while giving them everything they need nutritionally. We feed them twice daily once in the morning 7:00am (after I had my coffee, thank you) and again at 4:00-5:00pm. This timing fits my schedule, if you like you can separate them a little further to keep their feeding schedule more even. Keep in mind this is complete nutrition for maintenance only NOT for pregnant or lactating micro miniature pigs. According to the feeding directions on the bag the amount to feed your little friend depends on the age and activity level; younger  piglets will eat 1.5 - 3.0 percent of their body weight in the youth formula daily split into 2 feedings while older or less active piglets will need from 1-2 percent of their body weight in Active adult daily split into 2 feedings. For example a 25 pound mini pig weighs 400 ounces, 1-2 percent of body weight in feed would come out to be 4-8 ounces total per day or 2-4 ounces once in the morning and again 2-4 ounces in the evening for a total of  4-8 ounces daily. We feed our little rascals approximately 2 percent of their body weight of feed daily split into 2 daily feedings, this amount seems to keep them satisfied and happy without putting on excessive weight. These amounts do change according to activity level. We also supplement their diet at lunch time with what I call free vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, squash. Never, ever, ever feed your little sweetie human food if you love them. Rule of thumb, if a pig doesn't eat there is something wrong. Take the little sweetie to your local veterinarian.






Human food has too much concentrated energy for a piggy. Just a little human food daily will cause weight gain and health issues. Also try not to be too cheap looking for alternatives to mini pig food, there are other pig feed products available but if you read the bag it is for the larger variety of pigs and not formulated not for a miniature piglet. Please never allow your micro pig to eat all he or she wants because their appetites are never ending.

Never feed your little friend some potato chips while watching a movie or a little piece of this or that. Not only will your little pal blow up like a little blimp but will also have health issues, like humans, when eating an unhealthy diet full of junk food. You will also create a little monster always begging you for food.

Dietary highlights

•feed a diet specifically made for miniature pigs such as Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult made by Purina.

•do not overfeed - never feed your miniature pig as much as they will eat because as their larger cousin, micro pigs have never ending appetites.

•do not feed your micro pig cat or dog food; contains way too much protein, fat and calories for a miniature pig.

•avoid foods high in fat, sugar, salt. The same for your miniature pet pig. (haha)

•absolutely avoid chocolate and junk food.

•make sure there is an endless supply of fresh water at all times. 

•do not constantly give your miniature pig an excessive amount of treats. DO NOT  associate/or substitute love with giving your micro piglet treats. All you will do is create a little monster that will be constantly begging you for food.

What do micro miniature pigs drink?

Cherry Hawaiian Punch. Just kidding, water only. Allow the miniature pigs all the clean, fresh drinking water they want. Never withhold water from them!

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