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What is the process of buying a miniature piggy?

So you’re finally going to do it. You owned a dog, cat, gerbil and several goldfish. You've been reading up on the subject for nearly a year and you are ready to take the plunge and finally get a miniature pig. So what do I do now you ask? Good question! The first thing you do is…well… you already done it. You go to my website and read all the awesome information we have posted on the different pages. These different pages cover good basic information on piggy care, diet and health.


With that done the second thing you do is go to our web store and check out all the little rascals we offer. Yes you are correct they are all adorable; I have never in my life seen an ugly piglet, never ever. You must understand that this little adorable creature will live  15-20 years, so this will be a very dedicated commitment. When a new litter is born we take their pictures after several weeks and post them on our web store.


Now you are asking? Why are there so many different prices?? I thought all small piggies are the same you ask? That is another good question; prices do very among piglets, why?  Several reasons: 1) Who are the parents? How much did I pay for Mommy and Daddy?All our piggies are small but if mommy is especially small and we know she has produced consistently smaller than normal babies in the past then her litter will be more than the others. Now when those same mommies have especially small babies that are healthy (aka the runt) then they will be more expensive depending on its size, so see, size does matter. Any unusual characteristics such as both blue eyes will also cost more.


So with that said the next step is to pick out the adorable little piggy you would love to have sitting on your lap snuggling with you. Found one? Yes, no, maybe, not sure. Please don’t hesitate and call me, call me call me. My job is to pair the right piggy with the right family. There might be a family that has 4 boys so I would pair them with an appropriate piggy. It won’t be a timid, shy little dainty female. It would be a more robust little piggy that will be able to hold its own against 4 boys. If I suggest a piglet to you it is not because it is some monster I can’t get rid of. If you are a family of 5 with 3 little girls I then will pair you with a sweet adorable little rascal. Please understand all our piggies are awesome animals with great temperaments but all have different characteristics in their personalities that make them unique.


Once you pay for the little darling via PayPal you need to e-mail me with some important information. You need to e-mail me at [email protected] with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and your first and second choice for an airport and eventually I would also like the name you chose for your piggy: all this information will go on the piggy’s health certificate. Please make sure that all this information you provide me with is on the driver’s license of the person picking up the piggy at the airport; this will make things a whole lot easier for the receiving end. Also make sure you bring a copy of the flight confirmation I e-mailed you, this will serve as further proof the piggy is yours.  Once I get payment and I receive the e-mail with all your information I then set up an appointment (usually within a week) for my veterinarian to check out the little rascal. Some states require specific blood work others don’t. Whether or not your state requires a health certificate we provide one just so you have a peace of mind. Certain states require a tattoo to be placed on the piggy’s ear; other states require a micro-chip. If you wanted your piggy to have a micro-chip even if your state doesn’t require one, we can have it done for you at an extra cost. A trip to the veterinarian consists of a full physical, neuter/spay, blood work, tattoo or micro-chip. As I said before certain states require specific blood work outside the normal ones. We also pay extra for the little darling to have pain medication after the surgery because believe it or not pain medication is optional and not required. 


During this time we will come to an agreement with you on when you would like to receive the little piggy and we then make a reservation for its little flight. We always like to keep the piggy at least 5-7 days after surgery to make sure everything went well before flying out. Once we book piggy’s flight we e-mail you the flight confirmation so you know when to pick up the little darling. Upon arrival remember give the little piggy its space for the first 2-3 days letting him/her come to you.  Watch out for diarrhea for the first week, maybe put it in the bathroom behind a baby gate or in a playpen until it settles. No unusual food. Don’t be afraid to pick up the little rascal, wrap him/her in a towel or blanket to reassure when picking up. Please e-mail us once you have that sweet little piggy home. As always any questions don’t hesitate in calling .

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