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I've said this before but it is worth repeating. First and foremost the number 1 step you MUST take prior to purchasing one of our piggies is to make sure you;



Addressing Bad Behavior 

So Hammy (pun intended) has been a wonderful, happy little piggy since the very first day he arrived.  But after several months he’s kinda (yes kinda) changed. He seems a little more agitated, maybe even a little grumpier than usual or he may even be downright ugly to you and your family. Well let’s explore some of the reasons why he’s changed for what seems like no apparent reason.


If you bought your piggy from neneslittlepiglets then you can skip this section. If you bought your piggy from another breeder and you signed one of those neuter/spay contracts or happened to buy a fully functional piggy from a flea market (sorry)  then please, keep on reading.


I am not saying there is anything wrong with a neuter/spay contract, I personally feel why should I shift that responsibility to someone that might not really be that knowledgeable in the subject. I would be afraid that the family might fall into some type of financial distress and not be able to afford the neuter/spay when the time arrives. Then they are in trouble or I get a piggy back.


First on the list of reasons why piggy may be misbehaving are….. is the little rascal neutered or spayed? Heck all animals are adorable at the infant stage; even tigers and bears are adorable and will cuddle and sleep with you. But once they grow up and get to that awkward stage of puberty, TROUBLE.


Males think about one thing only; if you guessed what I think you did then you are correct. Females get grouchy as well and go crazy when in estrus. Both will act more aggressively and might even take a nip at you or start attacking your other pets. These little piggies will not be the lovable piggy you used to know. So if you have an unaltered animal, it may be past time for the little monster to get “fixed”. Yes if not fixed it will be a monster. 


Another avenue to look at is in the feeding department. Just like my husband, a piggy will go a little bonkers if not receiving the proper amount of food it needs.  Maybe Hammy has grown a little bigger and it is time to re-evaluate his food intake. Or your piggy may be a very active piggy burning more calories and needs extra food. Either way always make sure piggy gets enough food and water for proper growth and maintenance. 


Something else to look at would be is piggy squatting excessively? Does it look like piggy is trying to pee way too many times in a short period of time? Is he drinking more water than usual after a period of not drinking enough? Keep an eye out to make sure it’s not a urinary tract infection. If it is he will get worse, make sure you take him to the vet.


Same thing goes for constipation. Always keep an eye on his pooping amount (scientific term haha). Always make sure piggy evacuates the same amount of fecal material on a daily basis. If the amount starts to decline, after a few days you will soon have a grumpy piggy on your hands. Or does it look like piggy is trying to do handstands? Does it look like his butt it trying to lift up in the air? Can you say constipation? If this seems to be the problem, go to the store and buy a can of pumpkin. Start off with a ¼ cup a day until something starts to move again. Soon piggy will start being his old self again.


So please follow these steps for a healthier, happier piggy and if these steps don’t help in bringing piggy back to a happier state of mind, take him to the veterinarian. 



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