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Nenes Little Piglets

Teacup pigs, miniature pigs, micro-miniature pigs, mini pigs, micro pigs. Whatever you want to call them, there are the most adorable and sweetest little piglets you will ever lay your eyes on.
Goldfish were awesome but no personality. Maybe you had your fill of dogs and cats with their ticks and fleas. Hamsters were kind of messy. Maybe you are in the market for an animal that is just out of this world. One that will love you forever and yes, one that doesn’t bark. I think you will just love having a teacup pig as a new addition to your family.
Teacup pigs are ranked as the fourth smartest animal on planet earth. So yes they are smart, generally non-allergenic because pigs have hair not fur, odor free because they don’t sweat, adorable, inexpensive to feed each month and will bond with the family like the dickens.
 Our operation started due to the enormous love we have for all animals, especially our miniature pigs. You will be amazed at the amount of intelligence and love our teacup pigs possess. We are located in central, Florida approximately one hour south of Ocala. We are miniature pig breeders of the most adorable and lovable micro mini pigs you will ever meet.

 Our adorable micro miniature piglets are all raised as our own pets. All of our teacup pigs have been handled since the day they were born. They are calm, laid back, sweet, adorable micro piglets. We are not a large breeding farm; we are a small loving family which allows us to give special one on one attention to our micro miniature piglets.


This is my pig, Sophia, I got her from about a month ago. My parents took me out there so I could pick my little baby. Jeanie’s pig farm was so amazing! It wasn’t smelly, all the pigs were clean and healthy. It’s definitely the best I’ve seen. I can tell she loves what she does and she truly cares for each and every animal she has. Going to her farm was probably the best experience in my life. She answered all my questions and gave me great pointers I could use for my pig. All the pigs were friendly and fun. I would recommend to anyone looking for a piggy to check here for their perfect fit.